A look back at the highlights of 2014.

There have been an explosion in high fidelity products over the past few years and 2014 is no exception.  The folks at HiFiPlus have posted an article looking back at 2014.


Pono or not to Pono.

John Darko has posted his initial impressions of the new PonoPlayer DAP.  In short, he likes the SQ of it as compared to the AK120II and the Sony NWZ-ZX1.  However, he mentions that the UI, build quality and other qualities of the PonoPlayer are lacking when compared to the other two.   If you are interested in a $400 DAP the PonoPlayer might be a consideration.  The reason why I would never recommend it is due the UI.  Other DAPs in this price range have more refined interfaces, equal or greater storage and I dare say equivalent SQ.

Is “Who’s Next” the Most Perfect Rock Album of All Time?

Gilbert Hetherwick has an interesting article “Is “Who’s Next” the Most Perfect Rock Album of All Time?” over on The Audio Buzz.  The premise of the article is that The Who may have actually matched or exceeded the accomplishments of the original “Fab Four” when you consider their progression from the release of “I Can’t Explain” in 1965 to “Tommy” in 1969. A great read.