A new Orpheus?

From the Head-Fi post “Sennheiser’s “Reshaping Excellence” event in London. Sennheiser had a press event, and showed this! Did they just reveal the successor to the old Orpheus?”

Interesting.  Folks have been waiting for years wondering if Sennheiser would come out with a replacement for the famed Orpheus.  The thread is linked below and currently has over 191 posts in 8 hours.

A new Orpheus?

PureMusic vs. JRiver vs. Audirvana+

John Darko’s article on Digital Audio Review provides the results of a blind taste test by the Sydney Audio Club of these players on a Mac.  The testing also compared various resolutions and sources.  An interesting read.  The test results are in the back half of the article.

A stand-off down under: PureMusic vs. JRiver vs. Audirvana+

The Chair

Once you build your audiophile setup you need a place to sit and enjoy it.  The “chair”.  Others might laugh but the chair can be nearly as important as some elements of your audio stack.  Who can sit and listen to blissful music while being uncomfortable in a hot and awkward chair?  Michael Piskor over at Headfonics posted an article around finding the perfect chair.  I use an old well worn and extremely comfortable reclining Murphy chair myself.  My rule of thumb is if you can sit in the chair for at least an hour and still be comfortable and cool then you likely have found your audiophile chair.  Falling asleep in the chair is also a good indicator 🙂

Enjoy the read.

HIFI Room essentials – The Chair