Beyerdynamic’s DT1350 CC and DT770 Pro Headphones – A review and comparison

Aaron Kovics at Headphone.Guru has written an article where he provides a bit of history of Beyerdynamic followed by a review of comparison of two of Beyer’s best selling mid-market.

DT1350 DT770 Comparison

A new Orpheus?

From the Head-Fi post “Sennheiser’s “Reshaping Excellence” event in London. Sennheiser had a press event, and showed this! Did they just reveal the successor to the old Orpheus?”

Interesting.  Folks have been waiting for years wondering if Sennheiser would come out with a replacement for the famed Orpheus.  The thread is linked below and currently has over 191 posts in 8 hours.

A new Orpheus?