Beyerdynamic’s DT1350 CC and DT770 Pro Headphones – A review and comparison

Aaron Kovics at Headphone.Guru has written an article where he provides a bit of history of Beyerdynamic followed by a review of comparison of two of Beyer’s best selling mid-market.

DT1350 DT770 Comparison


A new Orpheus?

From the Head-Fi post “Sennheiser’s “Reshaping Excellence” event in London. Sennheiser had a press event, and showed this! Did they just reveal the successor to the old Orpheus?”

Interesting.  Folks have been waiting for years wondering if Sennheiser would come out with a replacement for the famed Orpheus.  The thread is linked below and currently has over 191 posts in 8 hours.

A new Orpheus?

Review of FIIO EX1 – DUNU’S EUH

Headfonia has a review of the FIIO EX1 – DUNU’S EUH.  FiiO’s first IEM.

FIIO EX1 Review



A great review on Headfonia of the new five driver Cosmic Ears custom IEM. Sounds like a great IEM.

Review of the CE5P


Review of FiiO’s X5ii

Here’s a review of the FiiO X5 2nd generation.

FiiO X5 Review


Cayin C5DAC (Aka the Spark)

Review of the Cayin C5DAC.  Included are comparisons with the Geek Out GO720 and the Cozoy Astrapi.

Cayin C5DAC (Aka the Spark)


MrSpeakers Ether Review

Here is a particularly good and thorough review of MrSpeakers Ether.   Included are graphs covering various measurements.

MrSpeakers Ether