LiveSoundwave’s New Audition Program

LiveSoundwave just announced in a post on Head-Fi that they are introducing a new audition program.  For $30 you can audition up to two (2) audio items in your home using your setup for 3 days!  Their current offerings include various Shure IEM’s and headphones, various Audeze headphones, Westone and Fostex just to name a few.  If you don’t live near a audio store which has demo gear this is an awesome option.  The $30 is nothing compared to restocking fees if you find that your recent “must have” purchase turns into a “oh, no!” event.  I’ve had that happen before.  Tried out some Beyerdynamic HPs which sounded great in the shop using their setup but were horrible at home on my gear.  Fortunately, they let me return and purchase an alternative but if I wasn’t purchasing something else there would have been a 15% restocking fee. Trust me, that would have been much more than the $30.

When returning, use the original packaging from LiveSoundwave and they provide the return label.  LiveSoundwave recently had some great sales I expect they will have others in the future.  They are quickly becoming my go-to online store.

UPDATE: LiveSoundwave confirmed that shipping is free!  So for $30, you get to demo equipment for 3 days.  No additional costs.

Link to LiveSoundwave’s audition site

Link to announcement


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