Review of the Focal Sphear earphones

Alan Sircom over at Hi-Fi+ has an article on the Focal Sphear earphones.

Focal Sphear review

Review of the Venture Electronics’ Duke

Hisoundfi on Head-Fi posted a review of the Venture Electronics’ Duke IEM.  Priced at just under $200 it sounds like a nice IEM with some issues with sub-bass and extended treble.  In summary:

Pros: Entertaining and natural sounding, Fantastically tuned and dynamic midrange, Great fitting earphone, Good isolation

Cons: Lack of sub bass extension will be an issue for some listeners, Treble will be too emphasised and harsh for some people

Review of the Duke

HD800S – A new and improved Sennheiser HD800 is released

Jude posted on Head-Fi an announcement of a update to the venerable HD800.  According the Axel Grell, “The HD800S is an improved version of the HD800. It has an acoustical absorber like the IE 800, and as a result the frequency response that is more extended, but smoother–fewer peaks. Also, the low-bass is also more extended–not necessarily more bass, but deeper extension”

HD800S Announcement