Review of the Chord & Major “Classical” and “World” IEMs

HiFiChris has posted on Head-Fi a review of the Chord & Major 9’13 “Classical” and the Chord & Major 5’14 “World” IEMs.  From the review they sound like nice all-rounder IEMS but lacking in the bass.

Review of the “Classical” and “World”

Review of the Audioquest Jitterbug

The Jitterbug was recently reviewed by Lieven over on Headfonia. This is product is similar to Schiit’s Wyrd “USB decrapifier” but the Jitterbug is portable, uses the USB connection for power and is about half the price at $49.

The purpose of the Jitterbug and Wyrd is to stabilize jitter which can be present in USB data transfers along with reducing noise and other unwanted artifacts.

Will this make your music sound better?  Here is Schiit’s statement on that question in relation to their Wyrd product, “Yes. Some listeners say Wyrd improves the sound of their system. We won’t make any such claim to sonic nirvana—sorry, creating expectation bias and neuro-lingustic programming ain’t something that we do. Sonic improvements are for you to decide. The rest of it—color printing and data stability—that’s like saying charging your iPhone off Wyrd makes the battery last longer. Have fun with that one.”

Ah, the honesty of those folks over at Schiit. Gotta love them.

Review of the Jitterbug