Review of the Echobox Finder X1 IEM

Dsnuts has posted a very nice review of the Echobox IEM – Finder X1 on Head-Fi.  Dsnuts found that the X1 is very transparent and requires the wearer to listen to music at a moderate level or the inherent transparency can become fatiguing.

Review of the X1


Noble Audio Sale

I don’t normally post Black Friday sales but if you are looking for a great IEM/CIEM then head over to Noble Audio.  They have a 20% off through Sunday.

Noble Audio


Review of the Future Sonics G10

Nathan has just posted a review of the G10 on Headfonia.  He liked the bass as compared to other IEMs he has.

Review of the G10


Head-Fi 2015 Holiday Buying Guide

Head-Fi has posted their 2015 holiday buying guide.  You can find the link  it below and happy buying 🙂

Head-Fi Buying Guide



Review of the Alclair Curve

Dave on Headfonia just posted a review of the Alclair Curve.

Review of the Alclair Curve


Review of the Chord & Major “Classical” and “World” IEMs

HiFiChris has posted on Head-Fi a review of the Chord & Major 9’13 “Classical” and the Chord & Major 5’14 “World” IEMs.  From the review they sound like nice all-rounder IEMS but lacking in the bass.

Review of the “Classical” and “World”