Meze 99 Classics

Grizzlybeast has a review of the Meze 99 Classics on Head-Fi.  They sound like a nice addition to anyone’s headphone collection.


Pros: Excellent attack, cohesive, easy listening, nice midrange, decent soundstage
Cons: looks may be a bit flashy w/ the gold version for some. Not fully over ear

Review of the 99 Classics

Review of the 1MORE EO323

Hisoundfi has posted a review of the 1MORE EO323 on Head-Fi.


Pros: High end hybrid sound, Big soundstage and solid imaging, Very comfortable fit, Cool carrying case, Android mic/remote, Great price to performance
Cons: Cheap cable, Build and materials doesn’t match the packaging and sound quality

Review of the EO323

The FiiO M3 Mini DAP

Paul has posted a review of FiiO’s M3 ultra portable DAP on Headfonia. This is a basic DAP with plays several of the standard lossless and lossy audio formats, has a great battery life and is cheap i.e. $55.

This would probably be a good entry level device but for another $40 you are in the X1 range.  I think this would be a good workout or “thrasher” DAP.  One which is so inexpensive that you don’t worry too much about throwing it around.

Paul concluded he would give the M3 somewhere between 60-70% star rating. Assuming that Fiio can smooth out some the wrinkles with the firmware, he could see the M3 becoming a classic over time.

Review of the M3


Review of the Audinst HUD-DX1

Project86 has posted a review of the Audinst HUD-DX1 DAC/Amp on Head-Fi.  Price point is just under $400.


Pros: Bold, lively sound from the DAC portion, headphone amp powerful enough for planars, rock-solid stability over USB
Cons: Gain is too high for some headphones and especially IEMs, price isn’t as low as I’d like

Review of the HUD-DX1

Oriveti Primacy Review by twister6

Twister6 reviewed the Oriveti Primacy Dual BA and dynamic driver IEM on Head-Fi.


Pros: all metal comfortable design and fitment, removable quality silver plated cable, premium accessories, smooth and detailed tuning.

Cons: bass control is eartip dependent, might be a bit too smooth for some seeking analytical details.

Review of the Primacy