Schiit Audio Vali 2 Review

Currawong has a video and written review of Schiit’s Vali2 on Head-Fi.  He and many others really like this little inexpensive amp.  He also goes into a bit of detail around the various tubes you can roll through the Vali 2.  I tagged this as an audiophile device based on reviews from Currawong and from discussions with others. I actually know of two folks (who shall remain nameless) who actually prefer this over their other $1,000 amp stages.


Pros: Small, cheap, powers even HE1000s like it owns them and IEMs are also OK. Entertaining, slightly loose sound. Huge range of tubes can be rolled.
Cons: Stock tube is so-so. Pre-amp isn’t great. Casing has sharp edges. Your GF/wife will steal it and you’ll have to buy a second one.


Vali 2 Review

ZMF Omni Headphone Review

Stillhart has posted a review of the ZMF Omni headphone on Head-Fi.  This is the flagship of the ZMF brand.  Priced in the $899 range which is approximately the same as the HE-560 which is the comparison headphone throughout Stillhart’s review.  The conclusion is that they are similar but when Stillhart upgrade to the Cavalli Liquid Carbon the Omni outshines the 560.


Pros: Beautiful, hand-made and customizable, solid build, very detailed, BASS!
Cons: Weight, needs good amping

Review of the Omni

Review of the Samson Z55

Thatonenoob posted a review of the Samson Z55 on Head-Fi.  It competes with the  ATH-M50/X iin the entry-level and portable use.  Comparing to the M50, thatonenoob found that the Z55 was definitely more refined and smooth, and generally more agreeable with a wider array of genres.


Pros: SQ, Build Quality

Cons: Little Tight, Soundstage, Imaging

Samson Z55 Review



Beyerdynamic T5p Second Generation Review

Twister6 has a review of the second generation T5p on Head-Fi along with a comparison to the PM-3.


Pros: transparency and resolution, expanded soundstage, removable cable, easy to drive, durable construction, 5yr warranty.

Cons: some sound leakage, microphonics with a stock cable.

Review of the Gen2 T5p