Grizzlybeast has an extensive review on Head-Fi of the Nuprime HPA-9 amplifier.  He loves the pairing of the HPA-9 with the Fostex THX00.  Don’t forget that the THX00 is currently available on Massdrop until 4/1/16.


Pros: Nice bass, not harsh or sibilant, Great sound
Cons: could use a little more airiness

Review of the HPA-9


ZMF Headphones x Vibro MK II Review

Ishcabible posted a review of the Vibro MK II headphones on Head-Fi.  It might be an alternative to the current TH-X00 currently being dropped on Massdrop.


Pros: Mids, bass ports allow for customization, wood options are pretty
Cons: Bass isn’t the deepest or cleanest, kind of heavy, needs an amp, not the best at detail retrieval

Review of the Vibro MK II

Cypher Labs C6IEM V2

Nathan has a review of the Cypher Labs C6iem V2 on Headfonia.  The C6iem is a triple BA driver.

Review of the c6iem


Fostex X Massdrop TH-X00 Purpleheart Headphones Drop

Fostex has a new drop of the recently announced TH-X00 headphone.  This drop is using purpleheart wooden cap.

Announcement on Head-Fi


Jude’s Video Review of the TH-X00


Massdrop TH-X00 Drop Page


FLC Technology FLC 8S Review

Kevingzw has a review of the FLC 8S IEM on Head-Fi.  As I mentioned in the preamble of another review, these are a hybrid 2-BA 1-dynamic driver IEM.  The interesting difference with other hybrids is that it is tunable with 36 different configurations.


Pros: Unbelievable Coherence, Distinct Airiness, Endless Customization/Tunable Options, Lightweight and Solid Construction, Aluminium Carrying Case
Cons: Tuning Ports/Filters are fragile, Tedious Tuning



ALO Audio Rx Amp Review

Currawong has a review of the ALO Audio Rx amp on Head-Fi. ALO Audio posted a comment that they are temporarily lowering the price to $299 (3/23/16).


Pros: Seemingly transparent sound quality, light weight, free quality micro-USB cable.
Cons: No gain switch, not as small as some other alternatives.

Rx Amp Review


JDS Labs Element Desktop DAC/AMP Review

Hisoundfi posted a review of the Element on Head-Fi.  This is one sleek DAC/Amp. Enjoy the review.


Pros: Easy to use, Slick and simple design, Tons of power, Able to drive everything from in-ear monitors to power hungry headphones
Cons: There’s lots of competition at this price range, No indicator for gain switch, Limited input/output options

Element Review