Grizzlybeast has an extensive review on Head-Fi of the Nuprime HPA-9 amplifier.  He loves the pairing of the HPA-9 with the Fostex THX00.  Don’t forget that the THX00 is currently available on Massdrop until 4/1/16.


Pros: Nice bass, not harsh or sibilant, Great sound
Cons: could use a little more airiness

Review of the HPA-9

ZMF Headphones x Vibro MK II Review

Ishcabible posted a review of the Vibro MK II headphones on Head-Fi.  It might be an alternative to the current TH-X00 currently being dropped on Massdrop.


Pros: Mids, bass ports allow for customization, wood options are pretty
Cons: Bass isn’t the deepest or cleanest, kind of heavy, needs an amp, not the best at detail retrieval

Review of the Vibro MK II

FLC Technology FLC 8S Review

Kevingzw has a review of the FLC 8S IEM on Head-Fi.  As I mentioned in the preamble of another review, these are a hybrid 2-BA 1-dynamic driver IEM.  The interesting difference with other hybrids is that it is tunable with 36 different configurations.


Pros: Unbelievable Coherence, Distinct Airiness, Endless Customization/Tunable Options, Lightweight and Solid Construction, Aluminium Carrying Case
Cons: Tuning Ports/Filters are fragile, Tedious Tuning


JDS Labs Element Desktop DAC/AMP Review

Hisoundfi posted a review of the Element on Head-Fi.  This is one sleek DAC/Amp. Enjoy the review.


Pros: Easy to use, Slick and simple design, Tons of power, Able to drive everything from in-ear monitors to power hungry headphones
Cons: There’s lots of competition at this price range, No indicator for gain switch, Limited input/output options

Element Review