Westone 4R with Removable Cables Reviewed

HiFiChris posted a review on Head-Fi of the Westone 4R IEMs.   I am very surprised that this is the first review of the Westone since starting this site.  These were one of the first IEMs I purchased when I started getting back into IEMs.  I still use them regularly today and love them.



Pros: superb resolution, very wide soundstage, quick bass, comfort, case, accessories, cable, relaxed presentation if you’re into that
Cons: soundstage has got about no depth, 5 kHz dip makes the presentation very relaxed, sound signature not for everybody, short memory wire

Westone 4R Review

Meze 99 Classics Review

Another review of the Meze 99 Classics has been posted on Head-Fi by Defiant00.  This headphone is getting a number of postive reviews.  I have actually seen it twice in the wild. Both were in airports.



Pros: Bass, impact, fun sound signature, great build quality.
Cons: Vocals a bit recessed, small earcups, microphonic cable.

Review of the Meze 99

OPPO PM-1 Headphone Review

Sophonax has a review of the OPPO PM-1 headphones on Head-Fi.


Pros: Clean, clear, and warm sound; forward midrange; good bass extension; non-fatiguing treble; outstanding build quality; great overall design
Cons: Slight lack of treble extension; heavier than most dynamic ‘phones; a little pricey

PM-1 Review

RIVA S – High Performance Mobile Speaker

Moedawg140 has an extensive review of the RIVA S bluetooth mobile speaker on Head-Fi.  One of the interesting differentiators between RIVA S and other bluetooth speakers is that if you happen to have two  RIVA S speakers you can dedicated each RIVA S unit to a channel. Thereby, creating a true stereo effect.  It has all of the other features you would expect in a higher end mobile speaker including iOS remote control apps (Android coming), speakerphone capability and >10 hour battery time.

Review of the RIVA S

Fidue A65 – Titanium IEM Review

Glassmonkey posted a detailed review of the Fidue A65 – Titanium dynamic driver IEM on Head-FI ($50 to $75).


Pros: neutral signature, good performance, good detail, great price, gorgeous, changing signature based on amping
Cons: may be source dependent for sound signature, sometimes veiled on treble/upper mids, average sound stage

Fidue A65 Review

Noble Audio K10U – Kaiser IEM

Koolpep has a review of Noble Audio’s Kaiser 10 driver universal IEM on Head-Fi. I would agree with nearly everything Koolpep mentions in the review with the exception of the size. While the K10AU are in fact large since they have 10 BA drivers, they are much smaller than other similar driver count IEMs. My 12 driver Layla are HUGE in comparison. I found that the K10AU are one of the most comfortable and capable IEM I have used in many years. The SQ from these IEMs is incredible and very musical.


Pros: comfortable despite 10 driver size, sounds “royally” good, coherent, best sounding MultiBA in-ear, impeccable build quality
Cons: Pricey, hard to put down, a bit large

Review of Noble K10U