Announcing the New Sennheiser Immersive PC 373D Gaming Headphone

Sennheiser has announced on Head-Fi a new gaming headphone.  The PC 373D includes noise cancelling, 7.1 Dolby surround sound, automatic on boom mic and a very flexible chassis. Read all about it and watch the video.

PC 373D Announcment

PS: It’s not cheap coming it an ~$280 USD.


Dave posted a great review of this DAC on Headfonia. The RS-06 is a somewhat stripped down version of the well liked Violectric V850.  Click on the link below to read the review.

Review of the RS-06

Review of the LZ-A2S IEM

Peter123 has posted a review of the A2S IEM on Head-Fi.  It is a hybrid single BA with a 10mm dynamic driver.  Included in the review are a few comparisons with other Chinese IEMs including the original A2 (which I own and use frequently).  From the review it appears that the A2S is a marked improvement over the original A2, especially in the mids.


Pros: Excellent build quality, easy to drive and fit, non-fatigueing and easy to enjoy siganture
Cons: Slightly soft bass, not the greatest soundstage width

Review of A2S

64 AUDIO ADEL U12 IEM Review

Berkhan, who is a guest reviewer at Headfonia, has posted a review of the Adel U12.  The build of the U12 is quite up to the appearance and feel of the new Noble or JH IEMs but Berkhan believes there are no obvious durability issues.   The bass response is strong but according to Berkhan there are issues with the treble.  It instruments found in Jazz recordings sound artificial.  Berkhan has comparisons with various higher end IEMs so go read the review.

Review of the Adel U12