Review ofAmpsandsound’s Headphone Amp Agartha and Q&A

Dillan has a review of the Agartha amp on Head-Fi with a little Q&A with the Ampsandsound’s leader, Justin.

Pros: Classy aesthetics, plenty of power, impressively silent background
Cons: No courtesy XLR, unique (sometimes annoying) port locations

Review of Agartha

Rhapsodio RTi1 IEM Review

Brooko has a thorough review of the Rhapsodio RTi1 IEM over on Head-Fi.  Included are frequency graphs, comparisons to competing products and numerous photos.




Superlux HD-668 B Headphone Review

twister6 just posted a review of the HD-668 B headphones over on Head-Fi.  From the review they sound pretty good and with a $37 price tag their price performance in outstanding.

Pros: impressive price/performance ratio, giant killer sound performance, removable cable, replaceable earpads.
Cons: isolation and sound leakage due to semi-open design, not a typical removable cable.


Review of HD-668 B

Campfire Audio Andromeda IEM Review

Currawong has a review of the Andromeda IEM over on Head-Fi.

Pros: Detailed, cohesive and spacious sound. High-quality litz cable included. Well made. Nice case included.
Cons: Some people may not like the memory wire and Shure-style connector. The unusual shape may not be comfortable for everyone.

Review of Andromeda

Sony MDR-1000x BT NC Headphone Review

Ced Yuen posted a great review of the sone to be released Sony MDR-1000x noise cancelling bluetooth headphone over on Trusted Reviews.   This is the third review where the reviewer has stated that the noise cancelling is at least as good as the Bose-QC35.  Looks like Sony has a winner here.  The driver is based on the MDR-1a which is also what the BT MDR-1ABT uses.  Which, by the way, I own and love.  Unfortunately, the 1ABT isn’t built for isolation so I can’t wait for the 1000x.


Light and comfortable, Excellent noise-cancelation, Superb sound quality, Adjustable ANC level, Excellent mic for calls, Long battery life


There’s a knack to the touch controls

Review of the 1000x