Chris Martens has a review of the X1 IEM over on  It’s a nice IEM, very light and compact with a pleasant sound signature.  I purchased one as part of Echobox’s Kickstarter campaign for ~$79.  If memory serves me.  The current listed price is $199 which I think is a challenge since there are so many great hybrids in the sub-$150 range.

Review of the X1

Noble Audio Katana IEM Review

Hisoundfi posted a great review over on Head-Fi of Noble Audio’s Katana IEM.  This along with other  reviews place the Katana amongst the top of IEMs available today.  As a K10U owner, the differences sound interesting but not worthy of an upgrade from the K10.  I’ll make a note to take a listen of the Katana at the next meet.

Pros: Incredible combination of detail and musicality, Extension and transients, Meticulous design, Excellent co-flagship option along with Noble K10
Cons: TOTL asking price (worth it if you can swing it), Unforgiving with poor recordings/sources, Not for those looking for warm and smooth sound

Review of the Katana

Vibro Labs Aria IEM Review

Jackpot77 posted a review on Head-Fi of the the quad BA driver IEM from Vibro Labs.

Pros: Excellent sub-bass detail, no mid-bass hump, smooth non fatiguing signature, great treble extension, engaging midrange, unusual tuning
Cons: Midrange could sound a little recessed for some, tuning won’t be for everyone


Review of Aria

TFZ Series 1 IEM Review

Hisoundfi posted a review of these IEMs on Head-Fi.  From this and a few other reviews it sounds like this IEM has some bass.  Maybe too much for some.

Pros: Big bass and fatigue free sound, Solid and secure fit, Easy to drive, Very natural midrange
Cons: Will be too bassy for some, Lacking refinement and detail, Cable jack doesn’t work with some phone cases


Review of TFZ Series 1