ENIGMAcoustics Dharma D1000

Miceblue has a review on Head-Fi of the Dharma D1000 headphone.  The Dharma is an interesting headphone which used electret diaphragms.  More information about these are contained in the review.

Pros: Fantastic imaging, round soundstage, natural-sounding timbre, transient speed for treble, classy appearance
Cons: Resonance frequency response peak, headband adjustment, earcup swivel, stock cable length

Make certain you click to “click to show” to see the review.

Dharma D1000 Review

Massdrop x Noble X Universal IEMs Review

Noble Audio and Massdrop have teamed up for a drop of a Noble dual BA IEM.  It sounds like they will be a blend of the Savant but also the Savanna and Django models.  The link to Jude’s review on Head-Fi is below:

Massdrop X Noble X

Here is the link to the Massdrop Noble X page:

Massdrop Noble X

Noble Audio’s New Kaiser Encore and SAGE IEMs

Noble Audio has just announced two new IEMS, the Kaiser Encore and the Sage.  The Encore is the replacement for the venerable K10.  The Wizard has tweaked the mid-range to provide a “larger soundstage and presentation.”  The Sage appears to replace the well received Savant but with “increased low-end extension with more texture with a slight lift in overall bass response.”

The announcement is over and Head-Fi.  The link below will take you there.

Kaiser Encore and Sage

Jerry Harvey Audio – Performance Series IEMs

Jerry Harvey has announced a new series of universal fit IEMs, the Performance Series.  These have 3d printed shells based on the tens of thousands of custom IEMs they have made over the years.

The link below takes you to the announcement on Head-Fi:

JH Audio Performance Series

Sennheiser HD650 for 60% off retail (Massdrop HD6xx)

Okay, the HD650 can’t be purchased with that label for $200 but in only four days you can purchase the Sennheiser HD6xx for $199 from Massdrop.  According to Jude over at Head-Fi these two headphones are the actually the same.  So if you were interested in purchasing the HD-650 but couldn’t afford the $500 you can now purchase it for $200.

Below is the video review from Jude

Review of the HD6xx