Westone W80 IEM Review

Twister6 has posted a new review of the Westone W80 IEM.  This is a 8 BA driver IEM with a standard dual bass, dual mid and quad high configuration.

Pros: re-tuned sound w/more clarity and higher resolution, very compact shell, premium ALO 8-braid hybrid cable, new accessories & travel case
Cons: price, new cable has some microphonics.

Review of W80

Remax RM305M IEM Review

Redcarmoose has a review over on Head-Fi of the RM305M IEM.  It’s a budget IEM.  What can I say?  The shipping may cost more than the $10 IEM.

Pros: Revolutionary Aluminum Construction Elements Creating A Dynamic Listening Experience
Cons: None

I suspect that the cons are a bit more than Redcarmoose has stated.

Review of the RM305M IEM

Etymotic ER4-XR Review

Leaky74 posted a review of the tweaked ER4 called the ER4-XR over on Head-Fi.  Generally speaking, if you want extreme detail and a ruler flat SQ in your IEM you buy an ER4.  The only complaint over the years is with the bass response.  This new version has tweaked the bass up notch to address this complaint.

The added bonus of having these crammed down your ear canal is you receive a level of isolation and seperation which is unparalled in the industry.

Pros: Stunning levels of real detail, clarity & separation.
Cons: None to speak of; maybe a little clinical for some.

Review of ER4-XR

Meze 12 Classics IEM Review

B9Scrambler posted a review of the Meze 12 on Head-Fi.  They are a single dynamic driver IEM for around $79.  Sounds like a nice IEM if you’re looking for something under $100.  Meze also has a lower cost version called the Meze 11 Neo going for around $60.  B9Scrambler thought they were nearly as good as the 12 Classics.

Pros: Design – Material Quality – Comforting Sound Signature

Cons: Cable Noise – Their Less Expensive Sibling

Review of the Meze 12 Classics