Schiit Audio Jotunheim Headphone Amp/PreAmp Review

Chris Martens posted a great review of the outstanding and innovative Jotunheim Amp/PreAmp over on Hi-Fi+.  BTW, there are optional DAC and phono modules.  The Jotunheim provides single-ended, balanced and RCA outputs.  It is all around an outstanding solid state machine.

Read the review by clicking the link below:

Review of Jotunheim

iBasso Audio DX200 DAP Review

H20Fidelity has a review of the DX200 digital audio player on Head-Fi. One item to be aware of is that it uses USB-C connector and while this is the future in the USB world it is early in its adoption period so you likely don’t have any spare USB-C cable laying around if you misplace or forget to bring the one provided by iBasso.

Pros: Amazing sound performance, resolution, detail, dynamics, features, large screen, fast interface, build quality, purchase presentation
Cons: Single micro SD card slot, minor features missing on initial release firmware, slightly heavy/large device for portability


Review of DX200 DAP

Focal Utopia Headphone Review

Aornic posted a very nice video and extensive written review of the Utopia over on Head-Fi.  I included a link below for the video review on Head-Fi.  It’s interesting that the soundstage is a bit constrained i.e. similar to HD600 series.

Pros: Extreme clarity and detail, easily driven, good build quality, not lacking in any frequency, dynamic and impactful sound, weight distribution
Cons: Price, only a 1/4 terminated stock cable included, stock cable heavy and unwieldy, bit on the heavier side overall

Video and written review of the Utopia


Meze 99 Classics Headphone Review

PinkyPowers posted a review of the Meze 99 Classics on Head-Fi.  It is an interesting review and you need to travers the first sections where PinkyPowers goes off on IEMs.

Pros: Tuning that shines with every device. Comfort. Detachable Cable. What a looker!
Cons: Needs mods for custom cable, or a Meze proprietary plug.

Review of Meze 99 Classics

Sony MDR-Z7 Headphone Review

Gerelmx1986 has posted a great review of the MDR-Z7 headphones over on Head-Fi.  These are great headphones which compete well with those exceeding $1k.  The MDR-Z7 list price is under $700 but you can frequently find them used for around $500.  I purchased a refurbished pair from a vendor on Amazon for around $300.

Pros: warm n´smooth Sound quality, soundstage, Build quality, comfortable, balanced capable
Cons: Poor isolation

Review of MDR-Z7

Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered – IEM Review

Nathan posted a review of these IEMs over on Headfonia.  From the review it appears that that these IEMs have a pretty flat presentation.  The vocals shine but you don’t have bass of other IEMs such as Noble’s K10.

Review of the Pro Reference Remastered