Noble Audio Encore IEM Review

cvbcbcmv has a review of Noble’s Encore on Head-Fi.  As with all of the reviews for this IEM, cvbcbcmv loves the Encore.  Click on the link below to read the entire review.

Pros – Out of this world midrange, maintains fantastic versatility from K10, universally lovable sound signature, endgame CIEM at a much lower price than its competitors

Cons – There are none

Encore review

Seahf AWK-009 IEM Review

B9Scrambler posted a review of the Seahf AWK-009 IEM over on Head-Fi.  It sounds like a mighty IEM for under $15.  Check out the full review by clicking the link below.

Pros – Crisp, detailed sound – Comfort – Cost
Cons – Clear cable; bouncy, sticky, lots of memory

Review of AKW-009

Opus 3 Digital Audio Player Review

Joe posted a review of the Opus 3 DAP over on Head-Fi.  Sounds like a great device but it is a bit pricey and has some stiff competition at it’s price point.

Pros – Blooming bass, touch of warmth, wide and expanded staging. Long standby battery, customizable apk 3rd party apps
Cons – Trebles may be harsh at times