About me:

I live at the beach.

I have plenty of time on my hands.

I enjoy reading about as well as discussing everything around music.

I obsess around the music listening experience. Part of my ADHD?

Why am I doing this?

The answer is pretty simple.  When I went to search for headphone or amp reviews I found it very time consuming trying to whittle my way through the crap to find the few solid reviews.  I decided to start this blog to provide a repository where audio enthusiasts can search for reviews of audio hardware, event previews and action reports.  Thereby, saving everyone time and aggravation.  I read each review referenced in my blog so I believe all reviews referenced herein are solid.


Mission Statement:

Provide audio enthusiasts with a repository where they can search for audio component reviews.




My Old Mission Statement:

Oh yes, the obligatory mission statement.  Besides being cathartic, what is my mission with this blog?  Initially, I will present interesting tidbits from around the Web related to music and paraphernalia around the listening experience.

Don’t expect to see daily updates but I will target updating at least once a week.  I found that the hi-fi and music community should be easily be summed up on a weekly blog post.



You may reach me at buddha@buddhahacker.com

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