64 AUDIO ADEL U12 IEM Review

Berkhan, who is a guest reviewer at Headfonia, has posted a review of the Adel U12.  The build of the U12 is quite up to the appearance and feel of the new Noble or JH IEMs but Berkhan believes there are no obvious durability issues.   The bass response is strong but according to Berkhan there are issues with the treble.  It instruments found in Jazz recordings sound artificial.  Berkhan has comparisons with various higher end IEMs so go read the review.

Review of the Adel U12

Review of the 1964 Ears ADEL A12 Custom IEM

Twister6 has an extensive review of the ADEL A12 IEMs (custom and universal) over on Head-Fi.  This is probably the most complete review of these IEMs I have seen.


Pros: driver coherency, resolution, spatial details, ADEL module, pair up with different sources.
Cons: additional cost of MAM tunable module, not for those craving revealing/analytical sound.

Review of the A12