FiiO X5 3rd Gen Audio Player Review

Bhazard posted a review of the new FiiO X5 3rd generation digital audio player over on Head-Fi.  FiiO has dropped the click wheel and replaced it with a large LCD screen.  This is a plus in my book.  The new X5 is a dual mono DAC configuration and supports balanced output.  All good things and with a $399 list price you can’t go wrong.

Pros: Sound Quality, Android OS, Wifi, USB DAC

Cons: Older android OS, Slow transfers.


Review of X5 3rd Gen

1MORE EO323 Dual Driver IEM Review

Eesure posted a review of the EO323 IEM on Head-Fi.  He felt that these budget IEMs were a great value and definetly worth more than the $60 being charged.  I have the triple driver version which appears to be in the same housing.  Love the sound but found that they can become uncomfortable after an hour of so.

Here is Eesure’s summary:

Pros: Smooth extended treble, liquid midrange, strong, if a little slow, bass. Great looks. Great accessories included.
Cons: Cable doesn’t detach. Can get muddy when played LOUD.

EO323 Review

Review of the 1MORE EO323

Hisoundfi has posted a review of the 1MORE EO323 on Head-Fi.


Pros: High end hybrid sound, Big soundstage and solid imaging, Very comfortable fit, Cool carrying case, Android mic/remote, Great price to performance
Cons: Cheap cable, Build and materials doesn’t match the packaging and sound quality

Review of the EO323