Campfire Audio Vega, Dorado & Lyra II Reviews

Jude has a video review of these three IEMs from Campfire Audio over at Head-Fi.

Campfire Audio IEM Reviews

Campfire Audio Introducing 2 new models – Andromeda and Nova

There is an announcement on Head-Fi from Campfire Audio that they are introducing two new IEM models to follow their existing single Orion and quad Jupiter BA models.  It’s not surprising that they are dual and five BA driver models.   Pricing is $499 for the dual and $1,099 for the five driver models. It appears that they are sporting ALO cables.

Campfire Audio Announcement

Review of the Campfire Audio Orion IEM

Loquah has posted a review of the Orion single BA IEM on Head-Fi.  These are priced around $350 which is probably in the top end of single BA IEMs.


Pros: Great design and build quality, outstanding accessories, very enjoyable signature
Cons: Slightly rolled-off treble, may lack bass presence for some people

Review of the Orion