CanJam SoCal 2017 Preview

Jude has posted his preview video of CanJam SoCal on Head-Fi.  Make certain you allocate time for this since it is over an hour long.

SoCal CanJam Preview

Beware of MQA!

A press release from Highresaudio announced that they are stopping their streaming of MQA encoded music due to the fact that MQA inherently does not reproduce the original signal and therefore isn’t lossless.  Further, the folks behind MQA state that their solution retains only those aspects of the ultrasonic signal that were significant to audible sound quality. So by default the resulting MQA encoded music will not match the original.  Others in the music industry have voiced similar complaints.  Further, it is unclear to me on whether you can apply any quality control to the data stream being sent.  I am holding to my original position that MQA is an approach to attempt to coerce hardware, software and streaming vendors to license this new proprietary solution rather than using the existing open standards.

is an article publishing on Hi-Fi+ related to this topic.

Schiitting on MQA!!!!!!

Okay, while my post’s title is identical to John H. Darko’s the exclamation points were mine.  In short, MQA is BAD for consumers.   First, it is a lossy format so it provides little to no new value to audio industry.  Second, it is an attempt to extort licensing fees from consumers, manufactures and record producers.  There is no win here except for the MQA developers.  Schiit came out with the statement that they have no intention of supporting this schitty protocol and I applaud them for taking that stand.  We should all take the same stand!!!  John Darko has a post summarizing Schiit’s statement.

When you purchase music on a physical medium such as albums, tapes or CDs you have a perpetual license to listen to that music. In fact, several legal cases have given you the right to have a backup of this music.  It gets a bit muddy around your rights to “RIP” the music from the medium to another format but it appears that you have this right as well.  All said, if you purchase music on a physical medium you can listen to that on any device and as many as you wish.  This is why I only purchase music on physical media or via DRM free digital vendors.  MQA is another approach at ripping you and me off and we need to reject it.


Schiitting on MQA

A Case for the iPhone 4s being and competent DAP

Nathan has a review of the iphone 4s as a DAP on Headfonia.  He makes the case that the 4s is a very competent DAP and should be one of the options considered when looking for $0-$500 DAPs.  He compares the 4s’ technical capability with that of the Cowon Plenue D and the AK Jr.  An interesting read.

The iPhone 4s as a DAP

CanJam SoCal 2016 Show Report

Eric Neff has very nice report of the recent CanJam SoCal show over on Plenty of pics and impressions.  Part 1 of the report is listed below.  I will add links to the other parts as they become available so check back . . .

CanJam Show Report 1

CanJam Show Report 2

CanJam Show Report 3

CanJam Show Report 4