CanJam SoCal 2016 Impressions

Head-Fi has a thread dedicated to impressions and photos from last weekend’s CanJam SoCal.  The link is below. Enjoy.

CanJam SoCal 2016 Impressions

The Sennheiser Orpheus Experience

Kaiserh recently won the Sennheiser Experience Facebook competition. The prize included some one-on-one time to experience the new Orpheus HE 1060 / HEV 1060.  Read Kaiserh’s Head-Fi post detailing the experience and impressions of the new Orpheus.

Time with Orpheus

Stop Being Lazy and Demand More!

John Luongo has posted an article on Headphone.Guru entitled “Is the day of the audiophile about to expire or is it our job as music lovers to educate future generations on what they might be missing out on?”  A rather long title.  The thrust of the article is around the importance of evangelizing for well engineered music with great sound quality. Also, he pleads with us to stop accepting low quality products. This is almost becoming routine in today’s environment. Here is an example, when I grew up the focus of phone companies was around delivering quality sound reproduction. Sprint had there “pin dropping” advertisements which demonstrated that you could hear a pin drop from thousands of mile away using their service and your home telephone. Can’t do that today.  Now in the drive for mobility we get phone call and sound quality which frankly is garbage. Calls drop, they turn half-duplex and  you frequently require the other party to repeat themselves. This is also true in audio with mediocre earbuds and poorly engineered heavily processed low resolution audio products. John asks the question of why do we accept this?  His and my answer is simply that we are getting lazy.  Rather than spend a little effort to find better quality we are lazy and accept high profit margin mediocre products.  Think BEATS. Crap at a high place.  Our laziness simply reinforces low quality. Our focus today has turned to mobility, technology as fashion statements (i.e. iWatch) and trying to impress your friends, neighbors and anonymous website commenters. You get the drift.

Feel free to rant.

John’s Article


New Year’s Resolutions

Alan Sircom posted a very nice article titled “New Year’s Resolutions” on Hi-Fi+. He made two points: balance  your music listening with the rest of you life and stretch your listening envelop.  this is sound advice.  I know a few audiophiles who have virtually cut themselves off from society preferring to spend hours every night with their headphones surgically attached to their heads.  I love music and do what I can to promote better listening experiences but everything in moderation.  You also need to push yourself to expand your listening envelop. Don’t get stuck listening to only one genre. I made an effort several years ago to expand into jazz and have been warmly rewarded.

Enjoy your 2016 and I hope you find the best listening experience in your price range.

New Year’s Resolutions