Comparison of a pair of Sennheiser HD700, Denon AH-D2000, Sony MDR-7520, Audeze LCD-2 rev.1 and Logitech UE6000s

Malfunkt posted on Head-Fi an interesting comparison of the HD700, D2000, MDR-7520, LCD-2 R1 and UE6000s.  To facilitate this comparison Malfunkt used various musical compositions across various genres.  Interesting but not surprising results.  Click the link below to see the results.



Audeze LCD-4 Review

Dillan has posted a review of the LCD-4 on Head-Fi.


Pros: Instrument separation that can’t keep me separated • A sound signature that doesn’t know the definition of fatigue • Alluring voice reproduction
Cons: Some might find their weight a little heavy • Not exciting, extremely laid back • Slight confusion in the treble area • Price

Review of LCD-4

Audeze LCD-4 Review

Trogdor posted a very detailed review of the LCD-4 on Head-Fi.  Trogdor believes that the LCD-4 is “One of the best sounding headphones on the planet”  and for $4,000 it darn well better be one of the best.


Pros: Unbelievable detail and tonal accuracy, the midrange is a bona fide controlled substance, accurate and extremely deep bass, luxurious craftmanship
Cons: Price, slightly recessed treble compared to the rest of its response


LCD-4 Review