Beyerdynamic AK T8 ie IEM Review

Peter Hyatt has a review of the AK T8 IEM on Head-Fi.  Beyerdynamic has miniaturized their Tesla driver technology to fit in your ear.  At 16 times smaller than the flagship T1 that is quite a feat.  How does it sound?  Click on the link below and find out.


Pros: Definition, Fidelity, Balance, Soundstage

Cons: It ain’t cheap

Review of AK T8

Beyerdynamic T5p Second Generation Review

Twister6 has a review of the second generation T5p on Head-Fi along with a comparison to the PM-3.


Pros: transparency and resolution, expanded soundstage, removable cable, easy to drive, durable construction, 5yr warranty.

Cons: some sound leakage, microphonics with a stock cable.

Review of the Gen2 T5p