Campfire Audio Vega IEM Review

Twister6 posted a review of the Vega single dynamic driver (DD) IEM over on Head-Fi.  Not surprising, the bass is great.  Delivering bass with small number of balanced armature (BA) drivers appears to be a challenge which is likely why we have seen the rise of DD/BA IEMs over the past couple of years.  The DD delivers the bass and lower mids while the BA drivers take care of the mids on up.  Twister6 has comparisons of the Vega with various other IEMs.  A very nice review.

Unfortunately, the Vega retail for $1,299 with used going for around $700-800.  These price ranges open up a number of other IEM solutions.

Pros: BASS, resolving detailed organic sound, unique shell material, premium ALO cable, leather case, accessories.
Cons: the sound is eartip depended, the bass quality could be source dependent.

Review of Vega


Campfire Audio Vega, Dorado & Lyra II Reviews

Jude has a video review of these three IEMs from Campfire Audio over at Head-Fi.

Campfire Audio IEM Reviews

Campfire Audio Andromeda IEM Review

Currawong has a review of the Andromeda IEM over on Head-Fi.

Pros: Detailed, cohesive and spacious sound. High-quality litz cable included. Well made. Nice case included.
Cons: Some people may not like the memory wire and Shure-style connector. The unusual shape may not be comfortable for everyone.

Review of Andromeda

Campfire Audio Introducing 2 new models – Andromeda and Nova

There is an announcement on Head-Fi from Campfire Audio that they are introducing two new IEM models to follow their existing single Orion and quad Jupiter BA models.  It’s not surprising that they are dual and five BA driver models.   Pricing is $499 for the dual and $1,099 for the five driver models. It appears that they are sporting ALO cables.

Campfire Audio Announcement