Empire Ears Zeus XR Review by Ike1985

Ike1985 has a great review of the Zeus XR IEMs over on Head-Fi. Sound like some nice IEMs especially for vocals.

Pros – Smooth with high resolution, Unique 3D vocal effect, holographic stage, layering, separation and texture detail.
Cons – Bass heads may find sub bass impact a bit light.


Review of Zeus XR


Empire Ears Athena VIII IEM Review

PokerFaze posted a review on Head-Fi of the 8-BA driver Empire Ears Athena VIII IEM.  PokerFaze includes numerous comparisons to other similar IEMs in the review.

Pros: Amazing accessories, well balanced, rich and engaging sound, crystal clear and extended treble, silky smooth mids, punchy and well defined bass
Cons: Isolation is subpar, mids might be too warm for classical music, ADEL module might flex for some, distant sound due to ADEL causes loss in resolution

Review of the Athena VIII

Empire Ears Zeus R IEM Review

Sound Eq posted a review of the Zeus R IEMs on Head-Fi.  Unfortunately, with bold statements such as “The Zeus R is the King of all iems, it does everything to perfection” included in the review you will need to take Sound Eq’s conclusions with a grain of salt.  While the statements might be true, Sound Eq has not compare against the likes of Noble or JH totl IEMS. Actually, I would disregard the conclusion and only read the listening experience portion of the review.


Pros: amazing mids, highs and controlled bass. Great sound stage. Best sound signature I heard coming from any iem
Cons: none, how on earth can anything get better than Zeus R

Review of Zeus R IEM