New Fostex TH-Xoo Ebony Headphones on Massdrop

Massdrop has announced a new ebony cup TH-Xoo headphone.  Jude has comments on the new ebony cup headphone over on Head-Fi.  The ebony will be priced at $500 which is $100 more than the mahogany released a month or so ago.  According the Jude, these are his favorite of the three flavors of the TH-X00 headphones (mahogany, purpleheart and ebony).  The purpleheart appears to be the most “fun” of the three with the ebony being the most neutral.  According to Massdrop, there has been no change in tuning of the TH-X00 between each three types and the only changes in sound is due to the different wood used in the cup.

Review of the TH-X00 Ebony

Fostex TH-X00

Bestula has just posted a great review on Head-fi of the TH-X00 headphones that have and are dropping at Massdrop.  One issue with the review is that bestula appears to primarily listen to the EDM genre so those of us who listen to jazz or classical will need to do some extrapolation.

I joined the purpleheart X00 drop earlier this month and can’t wait to receive them.



Pros: refined, clear, detailed sound with fabulous bass quantity, quality and impact
Cons: non-detachable cables, limited availability, treble can be harsh for sensitive ears

Review of the X00

Fostex TH-X00 Review

Massdrop currently has a drop of the TH-X00 headphone.  This is an exclusive headphone is made specifically for Massdrop by Fostex.  Previous drops have lacquered mahogany earcups and have been well received.  The current drop uses purpleheart.   The only complaint I have read is around the long 10′ non-detachable cable.  For most, this hasn’t been a major issue since most owners plan on using these at home.

Fjrabon has a very detailed review of these headphones on Head-Fi.


Pros: Sub Bass, Mid bass, lower mids, forward presentation, smooth, soundstage for closed headphone, good detail, warm, fun, smooth energetic treble
Cons: imaging accuracy, upper midrange/lower treble are a bit wonky, non-detachable 10 foot cable

Review of the TH-X00


Fostex TE-02WP IEM Review

HiFiChris published a review of the Fostex TE-02WP IEMs.  With the “WP” standing for water proof. At a price point under $50 make them a good workout option.


Pros: very neutral, really good soundstage, resolution clearly above the price, value, fast and arid bass response

Cons: lack of accessories (not bothering at the little price), slightly springy cable, might be too sterile and boring for some

TE-02WP Review