FIIO M11 DAP Review with comments on the M7 and M9

NANOTECHNOS posted and extensive review of the new Fiio M11 digital audio player.  Some comments and links to his reviews on the prior generation Fiio M7 and M9.  It sounds like a real winner and at an amazing price of just under $500 USD.  Check out the review by clicking below:

CLICK HERE for the ===>  Fiio M11 Review

Etymotic ER4-XR & ER4-SR IEM Review

Lieven posted a review of the newish ER4-XR and SR IEM over on Headfonia.  They have a bit of a bass boost from the original ER4-S.  Read the review of the for your by clicking the link below.  Personally, I’m sticking with my 2003 ER4-S and if I need more bass I’ll EQ it.   Interestingly, the original S and P models are going for about the same price as the XR and ST models.

Review of new ER4

Ultimate Ears Pro Reference Remastered – IEM Review

Nathan posted a review of these IEMs over on Headfonia.  From the review it appears that that these IEMs have a pretty flat presentation.  The vocals shine but you don’t have bass of other IEMs such as Noble’s K10.

Review of the Pro Reference Remastered


LIEVEN over on Headfonia posted a review of the quad-BA plus dynamic driver IEM.  From the review it sounds like LIEVEN really liked this flagship IEM.  Likely due to the dynamic driver, the A91 has bolder mids and bass than some comparable BA only  IEMs. Pop over to Headfonia and read his complete review.


Sennheiser HD800S Review

Lieven has a wonderful review of the new HD800s headphone on Headfonia with extensive comparisons to the original HD800.  I agree with Lieven that the HD800s is reaching out to a broader market by bringing out more lower mids and bass.   I recently compared the HD800s with my original HD800 and have decided to keep the originals.  Read the review and see which headphone Lieven likes more.

Review of HD800s