Dave posted a great review of this DAC on Headfonia. The RS-06 is a somewhat stripped down version of the well liked Violectric V850.  Click on the link below to read the review.

Review of the RS-06

Review of the Audioquest’s Dragonfly DAC/Amp family

Lieven has a review on Headfonia of the Dragonfly family of DAC/Amps with particular focus on the new black and red versions.

Review of the Dragonflys

64 AUDIO ADEL U12 IEM Review

Berkhan, who is a guest reviewer at Headfonia, has posted a review of the Adel U12.  The build of the U12 is quite up to the appearance and feel of the new Noble or JH IEMs but Berkhan believes there are no obvious durability issues.   The bass response is strong but according to Berkhan there are issues with the treble.  It instruments found in Jazz recordings sound artificial.  Berkhan has comparisons with various higher end IEMs so go read the review.

Review of the Adel U12


Lieven posted a review of the L3 DAP on Headfonia. Unlike its predecessor L5p, the L3 is designed primarily for IEMs.  It is an extensive review which also compares it back to the L5p DAP, the AK380 Cayin N5, Fiio X7 and the iBasso DX80.


Review of the L3


Pioneer XDP-100R DAP Review

A review has been posted on Headfonia of Pioneer’s new DAP.  This DAP falls in the tough price range of $500-$1,000.  There is much competition here i.e. Fiio X7.

Here is the link to the review:

XDP-100R Review

For reference, here is the link to the Head-Fi discussion thread:

XDP-100R discussion thread

Lear Natrosound NS-U1 IEM Review

Nathan has reviewed the Lear on Headfonia.  Sounds like the SQ is interesting with an emphasis on bass.  So you bassheads out there might want to check this one out at your next meet.  The cable appears to have problems and Nathan expressed concern with the size of the IEM. Although,  from his photos it appears to be similar to the new Noble form factor. Nothing is as big as my Layla!

Review of NS-U1