Review of IEM Custom Tips by Snugs

Marcusd reviewed IEM custom tips by the UK company Snugs and posted it on Headfonics.  Custom tips are now beginning to hit mainstream IEM wearers.  The custom tip gives universal wearers the ability to have a more custom fit than what they experience using universal tips such as those from Comply.  Marcusd’s review goes through the process of ordering and using these tips.

Tips by Snugs


The FiiO M3 Mini DAP

Paul has posted a review of FiiO’s M3 ultra portable DAP on Headfonia. This is a basic DAP with plays several of the standard lossless and lossy audio formats, has a great battery life and is cheap i.e. $55.

This would probably be a good entry level device but for another $40 you are in the X1 range.  I think this would be a good workout or “thrasher” DAP.  One which is so inexpensive that you don’t worry too much about throwing it around.

Paul concluded he would give the M3 somewhere between 60-70% star rating. Assuming that Fiio can smooth out some the wrinkles with the firmware, he could see the M3 becoming a classic over time.

Review of the M3