Hifiman RE-600S IEM Review

Ryanjsoo has a review of the latest iteration of the HifFiman RE-600 on Head-Fi.  From the review the RE-600s appears to be a worthy successor to the 600 and can be found for less than have the price of the original.  Read the extensive review by clicking the link below.

Pros – Linear tuning, Fantastic fit and comfort, Great isolation, Sharp imaging, Clean midrange, Nice bass extension
Cons – Treble not aggressively detailed, Stiff non-removable cable, May be too mellow for some

Review of the RE-600S


HiFiMAN HE-500 Review

Aomic has a nice review of the HE-500 headphones on Head-Fi.



Pros: Incredible mid-range, comfortably extended treble, resolution, balanced, vast soundstage, all-rounder, high quality leatherette box
Cons: Heavy weight, stock earpads are subpar, stock cable is subpar, not much padding on the headband, discontinued, not for bassheads

HE-500 Review

Review of the HM901s from HIFIMAN

Brian Murphy has posted a review of HIFIMAN’s HM901s a follow on to their successful HM901.  Improvements include faster boot time due to a faster CPU and DSD support.  The latter is a table stakes nowadays.  They also replaced some of the plastic exterior with aluminum making for a better fit and finish.  The HM901s has plenty of power driving Brian’s HE1000s.  On to the review . . .

HM901s Review