Jerry Harvey Audio – Performance Series IEMs

Jerry Harvey has announced a new series of universal fit IEMs, the Performance Series.  These have 3d printed shells based on the tens of thousands of custom IEMs they have made over the years.

The link below takes you to the announcement on Head-Fi:

JH Audio Performance Series

JH Audio & Astell&Kern Siren Series Full Metal Jacket Line Announced!

Jude over at Head-Fi just posted a video of the updated JH Audio Siren Series IEMs.  Included in this video is the updated Layla, Angie and Roxanne.  Unfortunately, Jude doesn’t provide side by side reviews with their prior versions since he just received the units. The new Rosie 6 driver IEM was also announced along with a small review from Jude.  The Roxanne obtained an additional crossover standardizing the 10-12 driver models to a 4-way crossover.  I assume the new Rosie is a 3-way since it only had three groups of drivers. The Layla now has a titanium housing will all of the other Sirens are made from aluminum. All of the models now have new cables made by Moon Audio. No discussion on any improvement to the SQ but the connectors have upgraded.

I state that this is an update and not an upgrade.  The only changes on the Layla and Angie were the housing which I don’t feel is an upgrade.  Since the audio travel through the same stainless steel waveguides the change in housing material should have little to no impact on the SQ.   I suppose the additional crossover in the Roxanne might be an upgrade but we won’t know for sure until we receive some side by side comparisons.

Click on the link below to view Jude’s video.

New and Updated Sirens

Jerry Harvey Does It Again – New Flagship Models

Jerry Harvey releases new flagship models: Layla and Angie.  Both are staring out as universals being sold via Astell & Kern.  With the Angie MSRP of $999 for a new 8 driver system it sounds promising.  According to Jude at Head-Fi, the sound signature of both models start at a flat neutral and then can be tuned using the JH Audio cable adjustments.   The Layla is an eye popping $2,500!!!

The link to Jude’s video announcing the new Jerry Harvey IEM products.