Lieven posted a review of the L3 DAP on Headfonia. Unlike its predecessor L5p, the L3 is designed primarily for IEMs.  It is an extensive review which also compares it back to the L5p DAP, the AK380 Cayin N5, Fiio X7 and the iBasso DX80.


Review of the L3


Review of the Luxury & Precision L5 Pro DAP

Brooko has posted a review of the Luxury & Precision L5 Pro DAP on Head-Fi. Priced slightly higher than the FiiO X7.


Pros: Sound quality (fantastic), build quality, aesthetics (looks), navigation, USB DAC now working, touch screen

Cons: UI has quirks and remains behind competition, USB DAC limited, no user configurable EQ, feature light

L5 Pro Review

The L5PRO DAP by Luxury & Precision

Michael Piskor on Headphonics has posted a review of the L5Pro DAP.  It is an interesting read.  From the sound of it the DAP sounds great but might have been released a bit early.  One of the repeated grips by consumers of DAPs is around the UI.  Michael will detail the issues with the L5Pro but with the caveat that firmware upgrades are coming to address these issues.

Review of the L5pro