Meze 99 Neo Headphone Review

Hisoundfi has a great review of the Meze 99 Neo on Head-Fi.  This is the follow on to the original Meze 99 Classic.  The primary difference between the two headphones is with the material used to make them.  The Classic uses a wood cup versus plastic for the Neo.  There are likely some tuning adjustments as well.  From the few reviews of the Neo I have read there appears to be a slight tilt to the Classic with folks liking the original a bit over the Neo.  Try them out at a meet and see for yourself.

Pros – Classics-like performance at a cheaper asking price, Black and chrome aesthetic looks sharp, Nice cable options and travel case, musical sound signature works with many genres
Cons – Not for those who want neutral and airy sound, Mid-bass can be overwhelming depending on the track that’s playing, Headband microphonics

Review of Meze 99 Neo

Meze 99 Classics Headphone Review

PinkyPowers posted a review of the Meze 99 Classics on Head-Fi.  It is an interesting review and you need to travers the first sections where PinkyPowers goes off on IEMs.

Pros: Tuning that shines with every device. Comfort. Detachable Cable. What a looker!
Cons: Needs mods for custom cable, or a Meze proprietary plug.

Review of Meze 99 Classics

Meze 12 Classics IEM Review

B9Scrambler posted a review of the Meze 12 on Head-Fi.  They are a single dynamic driver IEM for around $79.  Sounds like a nice IEM if you’re looking for something under $100.  Meze also has a lower cost version called the Meze 11 Neo going for around $60.  B9Scrambler thought they were nearly as good as the 12 Classics.

Pros: Design – Material Quality – Comforting Sound Signature

Cons: Cable Noise – Their Less Expensive Sibling

Review of the Meze 12 Classics 

Meze 99 Classics Review

Another review of the Meze 99 Classics has been posted on Head-Fi by Defiant00.  This headphone is getting a number of postive reviews.  I have actually seen it twice in the wild. Both were in airports.



Pros: Bass, impact, fun sound signature, great build quality.
Cons: Vocals a bit recessed, small earcups, microphonic cable.

Review of the Meze 99

Meze 99 Classics a Review

Nmatheis has a review of the Meze 99 Classics over on Head-Fi.  While nmatheis liked the headphones the shallow cup ended up being a deal breaker.


Pros: Very nice, smooth sound. Fancy-schmany design. Pretty comfy.
Cons: Small cups. Shallow pads. Microphonic cable.

Nmatheis Review of the Meze 99 Classics