Noble Katana & Encore IEM SALE!

Bangkokkid (Brannon) just announced a 45th anniversary Noble Audio sale over on Head-Fi.  Take 20% off all universal IEMs.  If you purchase a universal Katana or Encore you get a free “legacy” Savant IEM as well!  Now this is a deal!!  20% off a Katana and a free $599 Savant.

Anniversary Announcement

Noble Audio Encore IEM Review

cvbcbcmv has a review of Noble’s Encore on Head-Fi.  As with all of the reviews for this IEM, cvbcbcmv loves the Encore.  Click on the link below to read the entire review.

Pros – Out of this world midrange, maintains fantastic versatility from K10, universally lovable sound signature, endgame CIEM at a much lower price than its competitors

Cons – There are none

Encore review

Noble Audio Dulce Bass IEM Review

EZE99 posted a review of Noble’s Dulce Bass IEM over on Head-Fi.  This is the replacement for the original 5 BA driver.  Included in the review are comparisons with the Dunu DK-3001 and Earsonics SM64 IEMs.

Pros: Amazing Bass, clear audio quality.
Cons: Fit, Slight compromising of treble and mids

Review of the Dulce Bass

Massdrop x Noble X Universal IEMs Review

Noble Audio and Massdrop have teamed up for a drop of a Noble dual BA IEM.  It sounds like they will be a blend of the Savant but also the Savanna and Django models.  The link to Jude’s review on Head-Fi is below:

Massdrop X Noble X

Here is the link to the Massdrop Noble X page:

Massdrop Noble X

Noble Audio’s New Kaiser Encore and SAGE IEMs

Noble Audio has just announced two new IEMS, the Kaiser Encore and the Sage.  The Encore is the replacement for the venerable K10.  The Wizard has tweaked the mid-range to provide a “larger soundstage and presentation.”  The Sage appears to replace the well received Savant but with “increased low-end extension with more texture with a slight lift in overall bass response.”

The announcement is over and Head-Fi.  The link below will take you there.

Kaiser Encore and Sage

Noble Audio Katana IEM Review

Hisoundfi posted a great review over on Head-Fi of Noble Audio’s Katana IEM.  This along with other  reviews place the Katana amongst the top of IEMs available today.  As a K10U owner, the differences sound interesting but not worthy of an upgrade from the K10.  I’ll make a note to take a listen of the Katana at the next meet.

Pros: Incredible combination of detail and musicality, Extension and transients, Meticulous design, Excellent co-flagship option along with Noble K10
Cons: TOTL asking price (worth it if you can swing it), Unforgiving with poor recordings/sources, Not for those looking for warm and smooth sound

Review of the Katana

Noble Audio Katana IEM Review

WCDchee posted a great review of the Katana IEM on Head-Fi.  The Katana is a 9 driver per side IEM from Noble which is priced at $1,850 (18% more than the Kaiser).  From this an other reviews the tuning is for a more referenced SQ than the Kaiser which is more “fun”.

Pros: Very well tuned and well balanced, detailed and spacious

Cons: price can be high for some

Review of Katana