Review of New Oriveti Primacy IEM

Dobrescu George posted an extensive review of the new Primacy in ear monitors over on Head-Fi.  The Primacy is another of the new hybrid trend with dual BA and single dynamic drivers. While there are comparisons with various IEMs I wish there was one with the well received 1-More hybrids since they are priced around 1/3 of the Primacy.

Pros – Smooth Sound, Build Quality, Soundstage Width, Excellent Travel Case, Well-Defined Bass, Non-Fatigue Treble, Natural Sound, Price
Cons – Minor Driver Flex for some people

Review of new Primacy

Oriveti’s New Primacy IEM Review

Twister6 posted a review of the new Primacy over on Head-Fi.  These are a triple driver hybrid IEM comprised of two balanced armatures and one dynamic driver.  From the review they sound like a refined version of the original Primacy.

Pros: ergonomics of the design, updated sound tuning, premium 8-conductor cable, accessories.
Cons: included case is not pocket friendly, would like to see the cable with a balanced termination, “new” naming could be confusing.

Review of New Primacy

Review of the Oriveti Primacy

Paulpark222 has a review of the Primacy ($299) on Head-Fi.  This is a hybrid 2-BA 1-dynamic driver IEM.  Apparently, it is similar to the Easy LZ A3 ($169) which has an identical driver configuration.


Pros: Sounds natural, smooth and punchy bass, no harshness, great balance
Cons: slightly trimmed high-trebles

Review of the Primacy



Oriveti Primacy Review by twister6

Twister6 reviewed the Oriveti Primacy Dual BA and dynamic driver IEM on Head-Fi.


Pros: all metal comfortable design and fitment, removable quality silver plated cable, premium accessories, smooth and detailed tuning.

Cons: bass control is eartip dependent, might be a bit too smooth for some seeking analytical details.

Review of the Primacy