Sony MDR-1ABT Bluetooth LDAC Headphone Review

I’ve started traveling extensively again for work and began looking for bluetooth and bluetooth/noise cancelling headphones.  I have an older Bose QC noise cancelling which does a great job cancelling jet noise but my musical requirements of a headphone have increased since I purchased these 5 years ago and they no longer satisfy me.  Actually, they are pretty poor.  After reading various recommendations I created a short list and started to listen to them.  Here is a review of the Sony MDR-1ABT headphones.  Not only do they sound great but they also have LDAC implemented.  In short, LDAC is a Sony protocol which provides greater wireless bandwidth between a bluetooth source and the headphone.  I’m only aware of it Sony headphones using it and I have paired the 1ABT to my Sony Z2 which also is LDAC enabled.  The difference between ABT and LDAC is noticeable. I picked up a used pair from Amazon for $270.

Mike Lowe has a review of these headphones on Pocket-Lint.  Below is a link to his review.


Pros: Excellent sound quality throughout the frequency range, large and comfortable earcups good for extended listening sessions
Cons: They’re a bit too big and slip, Bluetooth version almost doubles the price tag of MDR-1A, Bluetooth playback much quieter

Here is the review of the MDR-1ABT