Review of the RHA T20 IEM

McSchnauze posted a review of the T20 on Head-Fi.  The T20 $189 single dynamic driver with dual coils. The link to the review is below.

Pros – Warm yet detailed. Lively/Energetic. Lush & Natural… almost analog-like.
Cons – Bass can be too prominent. On most tracks, just above-average soundstage.


CLICK HERE for the review of the T20

RHA T20 Review

Mark2410 on Head-Fi has a review of the RHA T20.  One of the nice features T20 is the easily swappable filters.  We are starting to see more of these hit the mark of late.  Kickstarter has had several in the past few months. Mark2410 really liked these “buggers” and commented that they are a marked improvement over the T10s.


RHA T20 Review