Sennheiser HD 600 Headphone Review

Serman005 posted a very nice review of the HD 600 over on Head-Fi.  Included in the review are comparisons to the HD 598 and HE 400s.  The are a bargain at $288.

Pros: neutral signature, profound detail, lushness
Cons: lean-ish sub bass, modest soundstage

Review of the HD 600



Comparison of a pair of Sennheiser HD700, Denon AH-D2000, Sony MDR-7520, Audeze LCD-2 rev.1 and Logitech UE6000s

Malfunkt posted on Head-Fi an interesting comparison of the HD700, D2000, MDR-7520, LCD-2 R1 and UE6000s.  To facilitate this comparison Malfunkt used various musical compositions across various genres.  Interesting but not surprising results.  Click the link below to see the results.


Sennheiser HD650 for 60% off retail (Massdrop HD6xx)

Okay, the HD650 can’t be purchased with that label for $200 but in only four days you can purchase the Sennheiser HD6xx for $199 from Massdrop.  According to Jude over at Head-Fi these two headphones are the actually the same.  So if you were interested in purchasing the HD-650 but couldn’t afford the $500 you can now purchase it for $200.

Below is the video review from Jude

Review of the HD6xx

Sennheiser HD800S Review

Lieven has a wonderful review of the new HD800s headphone on Headfonia with extensive comparisons to the original HD800.  I agree with Lieven that the HD800s is reaching out to a broader market by bringing out more lower mids and bass.   I recently compared the HD800s with my original HD800 and have decided to keep the originals.  Read the review and see which headphone Lieven likes more.

Review of HD800s

Announcing the New Sennheiser Immersive PC 373D Gaming Headphone

Sennheiser has announced on Head-Fi a new gaming headphone.  The PC 373D includes noise cancelling, 7.1 Dolby surround sound, automatic on boom mic and a very flexible chassis. Read all about it and watch the video.

PC 373D Announcment

PS: It’s not cheap coming it an ~$280 USD.