Simgot EN700 PRO Review

EagleWings has a nice review of the EN700 Pro IEMS on Head-Fi.  Since I own a pair of these earphones I can vouch for the comments in the review.  I find this dynamic driver  IEM to have a slight V presentation but nothing obnoxious.  I would say that these IEMs are musical and bass friendly.  I find that the bass in similarly priced (<$150) BA driver IEMS just don’t have sufficient bass for me.

I do own several well known IEMs in the $600-$2,500 range but I don’t take these out and about for fear something will happen to them so the  EN700 Pros are my go to earphones when out of the house and frequently when lounging at home.

Enjoy the review.

Pros – Balanced Tuning, Clear Sounding, Wide Soundstage, Controlled Yet Authoritative DD Bass
Cons – Can Get a Little Bright, Stage Lacks Depth

SIMGOT EN700 IEM review

HiFiChris a review of the EN700 IEM on Head-Fi.  This IEM has a bit of the “HE-1000” styling.

Pros: That design!, excellent build quality, good and detailed (yet slightly recessed) midrange
Cons: vent coverage affects bass quantity, treble and bass could be a little more refined though they’re average, treble is uneven and unnatural

Review of the EN700 IEM