Sony MDR-Z7 Headphone Review

Gerelmx1986 has posted a great review of the MDR-Z7 headphones over on Head-Fi.  These are great headphones which compete well with those exceeding $1k.  The MDR-Z7 list price is under $700 but you can frequently find them used for around $500.  I purchased a refurbished pair from a vendor on Amazon for around $300.

Pros: warm n´smooth Sound quality, soundstage, Build quality, comfortable, balanced capable
Cons: Poor isolation

Review of MDR-Z7

Comparison of a pair of Sennheiser HD700, Denon AH-D2000, Sony MDR-7520, Audeze LCD-2 rev.1 and Logitech UE6000s

Malfunkt posted on Head-Fi an interesting comparison of the HD700, D2000, MDR-7520, LCD-2 R1 and UE6000s.  To facilitate this comparison Malfunkt used various musical compositions across various genres.  Interesting but not surprising results.  Click the link below to see the results.


Sony MDR-1000x BT NC Headphone Review

Ced Yuen posted a great review of the sone to be released Sony MDR-1000x noise cancelling bluetooth headphone over on Trusted Reviews.   This is the third review where the reviewer has stated that the noise cancelling is at least as good as the Bose-QC35.  Looks like Sony has a winner here.  The driver is based on the MDR-1a which is also what the BT MDR-1ABT uses.  Which, by the way, I own and love.  Unfortunately, the 1ABT isn’t built for isolation so I can’t wait for the 1000x.


Light and comfortable, Excellent noise-cancelation, Superb sound quality, Adjustable ANC level, Excellent mic for calls, Long battery life


There’s a knack to the touch controls

Review of the 1000x

Sony MDR-1000X Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone Review

Sony is releasing a new bluetooth Hi-Res noise canceling headphone.  I recently purchased their MDR-1ABT/S Hi-Res headphone and absolutely love it.

Linked below is a review of the 1000x along with more information from What Hi*Fi?.  The headphones are due out in October.  Priced around $399.

I also included a second preliminary review by CNET.  Sounds like Sony is going after Bose.

Review of MDR-1000x

CNET Review