Astrotec Delphinus 5 Review

Watermelon Boi posted a review of the Delphinus 5 IEM over on Head-Fi.  This IEM has 5 balanced armatures with 3 way crossovers- 2 low, 1 mid, 1 high, and 1 super-high.  It also uses the MMCX connector.  From the sounds of it these are very nice IEMs and are priced at around $500.

Pros – Deep/dense bass with sparkles
-Beautiful build quality
-High quality stock cable
-Pelican-style carrying case

Cons – Not meant for reverb haters
-Brightness could be a bit dark for some
-Case size could be a bit bigger

CLICK HERE to see the review of the Delphinus 5


Audioquest NightOwl Carbon Review

Cinder posted a review on Head-Fi of the new NightOwl from Audioquest.  This ostensibly is a closed version of the NightHawk.  However, the NightOwl is priced significantly more than the NightHawk at $699.  Unfortunately, this review had no comparisons with other headphones.  I’ll hunt down other reviews which have comparisons and link them below.

Pros: Very good 3D-audio placement, lots of detail retrieval, great extension on both ends, eco-friendly packaging, great case, comfortable, classy look
Cons: Expensive, only comes with one cable

Review of NightOwl

Sony MDR-Z7 Headphone Review

Gerelmx1986 has posted a great review of the MDR-Z7 headphones over on Head-Fi.  These are great headphones which compete well with those exceeding $1k.  The MDR-Z7 list price is under $700 but you can frequently find them used for around $500.  I purchased a refurbished pair from a vendor on Amazon for around $300.

Pros: warm n´smooth Sound quality, soundstage, Build quality, comfortable, balanced capable
Cons: Poor isolation

Review of MDR-Z7

Rhapsodio Galaxy V2 IEM Review

San Man has posted a review of the Galaxy V2 IEM from Rhapsodio over on Head-Fi.

Pros: Musical, more balanced, more forgiving, very accurate reproduction of music
Cons: Enclosure is heavier and slightly larger than the V1, tip rolling required to get the right seal

Review of the Galaxy V2

Remax RM305M IEM Review

Redcarmoose has a review over on Head-Fi of the RM305M IEM.  It’s a budget IEM.  What can I say?  The shipping may cost more than the $10 IEM.

Pros: Revolutionary Aluminum Construction Elements Creating A Dynamic Listening Experience
Cons: None

I suspect that the cons are a bit more than Redcarmoose has stated.

Review of the RM305M IEM

Jerry Harvey Audio – Performance Series IEMs

Jerry Harvey has announced a new series of universal fit IEMs, the Performance Series.  These have 3d printed shells based on the tens of thousands of custom IEMs they have made over the years.

The link below takes you to the announcement on Head-Fi:

JH Audio Performance Series