Westone W30 Special Edition Massdrop Edition IEM Review

Masterfuu posted a review over on Head-Fi of the W30 Massdrop edition which has recently concluded.

Pros: Affordable, comfort, build quality, mostly neutral sound signature with +2 or +3db bass boost, channel seperation, transparancy and made in USA
Cons: Not flagship model, could include more ear tips for even more comfort, mid range could be slightly more detailed

Review of W30

Westone W80 IEM Review

Twister6 has posted a new review of the Westone W80 IEM.  This is a 8 BA driver IEM with a standard dual bass, dual mid and quad high configuration.

Pros: re-tuned sound w/more clarity and higher resolution, very compact shell, premium ALO 8-braid hybrid cable, new accessories & travel case
Cons: price, new cable has some microphonics.

Review of W80

Westone 4R with Removable Cables Reviewed

HiFiChris posted a review on Head-Fi of the Westone 4R IEMs.   I am very surprised that this is the first review of the Westone since starting this site.  These were one of the first IEMs I purchased when I started getting back into IEMs.  I still use them regularly today and love them.



Pros: superb resolution, very wide soundstage, quick bass, comfort, case, accessories, cable, relaxed presentation if you’re into that
Cons: soundstage has got about no depth, 5 kHz dip makes the presentation very relaxed, sound signature not for everybody, short memory wire

Westone 4R Review