Woo Audio WA8 Review

Jude over at Head-Fi has a video review of the recently available Woo Audio portable true tube amp and DAC combo WA8.  It is has three tubes and runs in either a 2 or 3 tube configuration.  Power is supplied via battery regardless if using on the run or when recharging at home.  The battery last around 4 hours and of course indefinitely when charging at home.

Jude tried the WA8 with various top shelf headphones and loved it.  He also tried it with a custom IEM and was amazed at the sound floor of the WA8.

Go over to Head-Fi by clicking the link below and listen to Jude’s review.  BTW, the WA8 will set you back upwards of $1,800 for the gold version.

Jude’s review of the WA8