Another review of the Omni headphones has been posted on Headfonia by Nathan. Click on the link below to go to the review:

Review of the Omni 



ZMF Headphones Omni Review

WhiskeyJacks has a review of the Omni on Head-Fi.



Pros: Tonality, space, separation, resolution, details, engaging, well balanced, accurate, comfortable.
Cons: Heavy, expensive( but good value in comparison), hard to hear around me(semi open not open)


Review of Omni

ZMF Headphones x Vibro MK II Review

Ishcabible posted a review of the Vibro MK II headphones on Head-Fi.  It might be an alternative to the current TH-X00 currently being dropped on Massdrop.


Pros: Mids, bass ports allow for customization, wood options are pretty
Cons: Bass isn’t the deepest or cleanest, kind of heavy, needs an amp, not the best at detail retrieval

Review of the Vibro MK II

ZMF Omni Headphone Review

Stillhart has posted a review of the ZMF Omni headphone on Head-Fi.  This is the flagship of the ZMF brand.  Priced in the $899 range which is approximately the same as the HE-560 which is the comparison headphone throughout Stillhart’s review.  The conclusion is that they are similar but when Stillhart upgrade to the Cavalli Liquid Carbon the Omni outshines the 560.


Pros: Beautiful, hand-made and customizable, solid build, very detailed, BASS!
Cons: Weight, needs good amping

Review of the Omni