Havi B3 Pro II IEM Review

B9Scrambler posted on Head-Fi a review of the updated IEM Havi B3 Pro called the Pro II.  The Pro II has a bit more bass than the originals but from the review it sounds like the change didn’t overpower the positives of the original.  However, if you are looking for a neutralish treble forward IEM the Pro is likely your choice.

Pros – Punchy low end – Excellent clarity and detail – Immersive soundstage
Cons – At their best when amped

Review of B3 Pro II

Rose Technology Mini2 IEM Review

HiFiChris posted a review on Head-Fi of the Mini2 IEMs.  Priced at around $100 for the dual balanced armature drive IEM these gems are really small.  They might be ideal for folks with narrow ear canals as the Mini2 only has small silicone tubes which insert into your canals ( with tips of course).  Take a look at the review by clicking the link below.

Pros: detailed, coherent, tonally well-balanced, precise, inexpensive for what it is and delivers
Cons: nozzles are basically flexible silicone tubes

Review of the Mini2

Meze 12 Classics IEM Review

B9Scrambler posted a review of the Meze 12 on Head-Fi.  They are a single dynamic driver IEM for around $79.  Sounds like a nice IEM if you’re looking for something under $100.  Meze also has a lower cost version called the Meze 11 Neo going for around $60.  B9Scrambler thought they were nearly as good as the 12 Classics.

Pros: Design – Material Quality – Comforting Sound Signature

Cons: Cable Noise – Their Less Expensive Sibling

Review of the Meze 12 Classics