Remax RM305M IEM Review

Redcarmoose has a review over on Head-Fi of the RM305M IEM.  It’s a budget IEM.  What can I say?  The shipping may cost more than the $10 IEM.

Pros: Revolutionary Aluminum Construction Elements Creating A Dynamic Listening Experience
Cons: None

I suspect that the cons are a bit more than Redcarmoose has stated.

Review of the RM305M IEM

TFZ Series 1 IEM Review

Hisoundfi posted a review of these IEMs on Head-Fi.  From this and a few other reviews it sounds like this IEM has some bass.  Maybe too much for some.

Pros: Big bass and fatigue free sound, Solid and secure fit, Easy to drive, Very natural midrange
Cons: Will be too bassy for some, Lacking refinement and detail, Cable jack doesn’t work with some phone cases


Review of TFZ Series 1

Superlux HD-668 B Headphone Review

twister6 just posted a review of the HD-668 B headphones over on Head-Fi.  From the review they sound pretty good and with a $37 price tag their price performance in outstanding.

Pros: impressive price/performance ratio, giant killer sound performance, removable cable, replaceable earpads.
Cons: isolation and sound leakage due to semi-open design, not a typical removable cable.


Review of HD-668 B