Head-Fi Video of Upcoming CanJam

Jude posted his video review over on Head-Fi containing some of the equipment and software that will be at the CanJam NY show.

Link to the video


Schiit Lyr 2 Review

Army-Firedawg posted a great written and video review of the Ly2 amplifier over on Head-Fi.  I’m certain you will enjoy the thorough review and as a bonus there are others on the same page just below Army-Firedawg’s review.

Pros – Incredible price/quality sound, solid build, great looks, plenty of power
Cons – No balanced outputs, stock tubes drastically hold back what amp is capable of.

Review of Lyr 2


Schiit Audio Jotunheim Headphone Amp/PreAmp Review

Chris Martens posted a great review of the outstanding and innovative Jotunheim Amp/PreAmp over on Hi-Fi+.  BTW, there are optional DAC and phono modules.  The Jotunheim provides single-ended, balanced and RCA outputs.  It is all around an outstanding solid state machine.

Read the review by clicking the link below:

Review of Jotunheim


Chord Mojo vs. OPPO HA-2SE = A Comparison Review

Bpandbass has posted a comparison review of the Mojo and HA-2SE.  Click on the link below to see how each faired.

Mojo vs. HA-2SE


FiiO A5 Review

Cinder posted a review of FiiO’s A5 portable amp over on Head-Fi.  This amp should drive your power hungry headphones.

Review of the A5


CANJAM EUROPE / ESSEN 2016 – Event Report

Lieven has three posts on Headfonia reporting on the Canjam Europe meet.  The links are below:

Report Part 1

Report Part 2

Report Part 3 – Best of Show


Review ofAmpsandsound’s Headphone Amp Agartha and Q&A

Dillan has a review of the Agartha amp on Head-Fi with a little Q&A with the Ampsandsound’s leader, Justin.

Pros: Classy aesthetics, plenty of power, impressively silent background
Cons: No courtesy XLR, unique (sometimes annoying) port locations

Review of Agartha