Mission etc.

Oh yes, the obligatory mission statement.  Besides being cathartic, what is my mission with this blog?  To inform other Hi-fi junkies of product and music reviews gleaned for various sites.  Since I started my trek to find musical nirvana, I found I was bouncing around various sites trying to find a few interesting kernels.  Sometimes these were reviews and helpful tidbits while other times it was simply general commentary which caught my fancy.  The problem was that it would take an hour or so everyday to find the nuggets.  After some thought, I began thinking about the value an edited aggregator would be to the community and so this blog was born.  I’m certain my editorial choice won’t match everyone but if I can provide you with one nugget a week and it only takes you a minute to get it then I am satisfied that I have given back to the Hi-fi community.

Don’t expect to see daily updates but I will target updating at least once a week.  I found that the hi-fi and music community should be easily be summed up on a weekly blog post.

If you have any suggestions drop me a line.

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