Review of the LZ-A2S IEM

Peter123 has posted a review of the A2S IEM on Head-Fi.  It is a hybrid single BA with a 10mm dynamic driver.  Included in the review are a few comparisons with other Chinese IEMs including the original A2 (which I own and use frequently).  From the review it appears that the A2S is a marked improvement over the original A2, especially in the mids.


Pros: Excellent build quality, easy to drive and fit, non-fatigueing and easy to enjoy siganture
Cons: Slightly soft bass, not the greatest soundstage width

Review of A2S

Review of the Oriveti Primacy

Paulpark222 has a review of the Primacy ($299) on Head-Fi.  This is a hybrid 2-BA 1-dynamic driver IEM.  Apparently, it is similar to the Easy LZ A3 ($169) which has an identical driver configuration.


Pros: Sounds natural, smooth and punchy bass, no harshness, great balance
Cons: slightly trimmed high-trebles

Review of the Primacy



Aurisonics Harmony & Easy LZ A2 Reviews

Antihippy has posted a review of the Aurisonics Harmony.  It is a dual BA with one dynamic configuration.  Priced at around $400.


Pros: Great high and low extension, natural sounding mids, bass impact, soundstage and imaging
Cons: Minor driver flex (improved with use/tips), finicky fit, tip/insertion dependant


For a similar configuration you may want to investigate the Easy LZ A2.  It has the same configuration and I can attest that it is a very nice IEM.  Also, it is currently selling on Amazon for for $115.  HisoundFi has a review of the A2 on Head-Fi.

Harmony Review

A2 Review